We invite you to read these regulations before participating in the competition, as they may undergo changes compared to the previous year. The same will be subject to acceptance of acknowledgment during the application phase.


  1. The competition is presented, opened and closed in the same year of publication;
  2. The dates of the event are published annually on the official website and social channels, as they may vary from the previous one;
  3. Registration is free;
  4. Participation permitted only through online registration by filling out the form presented on the official website;
  5. Participation open to candidates from all over the world;
  6. Authors can be amateurs and professionals;
  7. The only category allowed is Aquascaping;
  8. The photograph of the layout must be taken in the year of validity of the competition and not in previous years;
  9. Photos participating in other competitions from the same year and/or already shown online are permitted;
  10. Each candidate will be able to register only 1 tank;
  11. The photo and the photographed layout must be the property of the candidate and must not infringe the rights of third party authors;
  12. At the end of the evaluation, the winners will be announced with the publication of a video on the YouTube channel;
  13. After the announcement, the ranking will be published in order of score and photos of the participants will be shown in the dedicated gallery;

Violation of the aforementioned rules will result in exclusion from the competition.


  1. The tub can have any size and volume;
  2. The photo must be taken from the front;
  3. The photo must not have distortions, light reflections and technical accessories outside and inside the tub;
  4. The photo must be presented in horizontal format and cropped to exclude the edges of the glass;
  5. The photo can be retouched to improve the quality of the image, but cannot be altered by removing defects, adding or moving parts of the layout;
  6. The file must be in JPEG, JPG and PNG format and must not exceed 5Mb;

Violation of the aforementioned rules will result in exclusion from the competition.


The judging team is made up of professional Aquascapers and seasoned experts. It also includes experts in aquariums, aquatic plant cultivation and specialized photography.

Visit the Judges team.

The evaluation criteria adopted respect the philosophy that ITAC has imposed on itself and focus attention on the artistically represented Natural Aquarium, therefore it is aimed at giving greater weight to the natural and artistic aspects of an installation, without neglecting the compositional foundations.

The objective is to highlight the ability of an author who, in addition to creating a spectacular effect, knows how to express it in a natural way.



  • Natural Look 20%
  • Artistic impression 20%
  • Hardscape composition 15%
  • Flora condition 15%
  • Tank management 10%
  • Choice of fauna 10%
  • Photo quality 10%


At the end of the evaluations, the general ranking of all participants will be published and it will be composed as follows in order of score:

  • TOP3 - Winners of the international competition, who will receive a prize in the form of a plaque;
  • TOP10 - Honorary ranking;
  • TOP50 - Merit ranking;
  • Total ranking;
  • Disqualified.


  • Participants grant permission to the competition organizers to publish their photos on the competition website, social networks and in any promotional or advertising material relating to the competition. The organizers will take into account the photo credits of the participants.
  • Participants are responsible for their own shots and guarantee that the photos sent are their property. The competition organizers will not be responsible for any copyright disputes or any legal disputes arising out of your participation in the competition.
  • These regulations must be read and accepted at the time of submitting the application for participation, under penalty of exclusion from the competition.