The first Italian Contest of International Aquascaping


ITAC is the photographic competition born in Italy dedicated to international aquascaping layouts, therefore it is not aimed only at Italian members, but at people from all over the world.

Your layouts will be evaluated by an exceptional jury specialized in the field of aquascaping, photography and nature.

Read the rules, sign up and enjoy the wait.

The 2023 edition of ITAC recently ended.

We congratulate the winners and thank all the participants of this fantastic edition.

View the ITAC2023 world ranking.


Program guideline


ITAC promotes the natural aquarium and members from all over the world are admitted. The only category allowed is Aquascaping without subdivision into tank capacity categories.




ITAC2023 - Follow the countdown with us

This year, with our amazement, we had a total of 214 subscribe tanks came from every corner of the world!Our judges with their professionalism, dedication and commitment finished analyzing and judging your wonderful tanks that were high level!We congratulate all the participants of ITAC 2023 and hope to see your creations next year!

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ITAC2023 - Registration numbers updates

Official publication of the number of participants in the 2023 edition of the international competition, grouped by continents. The update is done every two weeks.The counter of registered countries will be published in another dedicated and detailed article.

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