The ITAC Jury is made up of professional and experienced Aquascapers with a long career. It also includes experts in aquariology, aquatic plant cultivation and specialized photography.

Diego Marinelli

Aquascaper and Photographer


Augusto Veneruso

Aquascaper and Photographer


Enrico Fortuna

Aquascaper nano tank Specialist


William Fantini

Aquarist and Creator ScaperMag


Dennis Wong

Plant specialist and Owner 2hraquarist.com


Evaluation criteria

ITAC's philosophy focuses attention on the artistically represented Natural Aquarium, therefore the evaluation criteria are designed to give greater weight to the natural and artistic aspects of a layout, without neglecting the compositional fundamentals. The aim is to highlight the ability of an author who, in addition to creating a spectacular effect, knows how to express it in a natural way.



Ranking and awards

The tank entered for the competition will be placed in decreasing order of scores, according to the assignment of the judges.
The top fifty classified will be shown in the dedicated section of the official ITAC website and social networks.
The first three classified will also be awarded with the ITAC Trophy: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
Winner First Classified in the ITAC competition, in addition to being awarded, it will be the cover of the ITAC website, social networks and promotional materials.